roushan mishra
जब बरसती हैअम्बर से आगतो कुदरत भी लाल फूल ही ख&#2...
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Kajal Kumar
Bhavana Lalwani
The color of blood, the color of life, the color of energy... Red. How iron deficiency can create troubles for us ?  Ever thought about it or faced it ? Most people think that it is just a matter of malnutrition and not eating properly. Is that all fuzz ?...
Tejas Poonia
पिताजी के रहते एक दिवाली थी पिताजी के बाद एक द&#2...
अपर्णा त्रिपाठी
उडते पक्षी को देखा तो, याद मुझे भी आ गयामेरी खातिर भी है, ये नील गगन ये हरा चमनभूल बैठा था खुद को, दुनिया के इस मेले मेंजीने की राह बता गया, इक नन्हा रोता बच्चा बुरी सबसे लगती थी किस्मत अपनी मुझे सदा, हर शिकवा मिट गया जब निर्भया को याद कियाकीमत न समझी कभी, हजा...
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राजेश कश्यप
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Pooja Sharma Tripathi
Till, the date, its a record, that I am simply unable to listen this song without having tears in my eyes... Don't know how, but it connects me to my Papa. Its like, its just for me... i know after listening this song every "daddy's daughter" thinks that, but for m...
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Pooja Sharma Tripathi
A long lasting love of a woman… as we knowThe easiest gift to gift a girl or woman… as we knowShe is a chocoholic… as we know But, why it is so???                   &nbsp...
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Pooja Sharma Tripathi
A new announcement coming from the launching of satellites...Beijing: China has launched a new communication satellite that will provide high-quality voice communication and data transmission services, officials said Monday.The Zhongxing-1A communication satellit...
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Pooja Sharma Tripathi
Got a great news from the medical arena...We use to listen many deaths and sufferings through Cancer, these days... It is a very powerful murderer... Kills few people physically, few mentally and few spiritually...But there a great news coming from Washington... th...
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